Transportation is the backbone of cities.

It dictates how we move, where we can go, what kind of jobs we can access, and ultimately, what kind of lives we lead.

The zip code you’re born in continues to be one of the strongest predictors of your economic mobility.

We’re building a platform to empower cities to plan the best possible transportation system — from public transit to safer streets to ever-increasing new modes of mobility — for their communities, and for the planet.

As a team of urbanists and planners, we aim to build a more equitable world by expanding access within it.


Our founders met in 2014 while doing fellowships at Code for America, a nonprofit focused on empowering local governments with the core belief that “government can work for the people, by the people, in the digital age.”

It wasn’t long before Sam, Dan, Tiffany, and Danny discovered their shared passion for transportation and the impact it can have on making cities more livable.

They built a simple grassroots project for citizens of San Francisco to suggest better transit routes to their local agency. That prototype got picked up on an urban planning blog and received an overwhelming response from transportation planners across the world - people had been wanting an easy-to-use tool like this for years, and everyone had a ton of requests for further enhancements. Remix was created to help cities plan their transportation networks.

Today, Remix works with 325+ cities across four continents, influences hundreds of city projects, and impacts more than 240 million people worldwide.


Tiffany Chu

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dan Getelman

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Nichole Jordan

Chief Operating Officer

Tom Mercer

Chief Product Officer


Join us in building more livable cities.


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