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Luxembourg's Biggest Network Redesign in Recent History

In a recent live webinar, we sat down with Yan Steil, Mobility Planner at the “Régime Général des Transports Routiers” (RGTR) in Luxembourg to discuss Luxembourg’s biggest public transit redesign in recent history.

How RPT Used the Universal Language to Move a Plan Forward

Based on comments during an outreach meeting, RPT staff started adjusting the Remix map live for a truly collaborative and productive engagement experience.


In His Own Words: Chris Cochran, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority

We recently caught up with Chris Cochran, Senior Planner at Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority in St. Petersburg, FL, to hear how Remix has done this to modernize the agency’s approach to scenario planning.


In Her Own Words: Jeanne Krieg, Tri Delta Transit

We chatted with Jeanne Krieg, CEO of Tri Delta Transit, a small agency in the San Francisco Bay Area, to hear how she’s successfully scaling her agency despite these challenges.


VIA, GoCary, and AVTA Describe Their Day-to-Day

Here are a few examples of how three agencies are using Remix to keep the juggling act of day-to-day planning flowing smoothly.


In His Own Words: Jerry Bryan, Miami-Dade Transit

We spoke with Jerry Bryan, Miami-Dade Transit’s Chief of Service Planning and Scheduling, to hear how transit planning has changed in the last 20 years — and how new technology is streamlining both short- and long-term planning in Miami.


In His Own Words: Steve Anderson, Palm Tran

We caught up with Steve Anderson, Senior Transit Planner at Palm Tran in West Palm Beach, FL, to hear how Remix has changed his approach to scenario planning, cost forecasting, and communication with non-planners.


In His Own Words: Tom Schwetz, Lane Transit District

We sat down with Tom Schwetz, Director of Planning at Lane Transit District in Eugene, OR, to hear how Remix has changed the way he approaches transit planning.


AC Transit Plans Its Biggest Service Increase Since the Recession

Remix helped AC Transit achieve their goals by creating an efficient workflow and avoiding going back to the drawing board with every tweak.