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Hindsight’s 2020: 5 Lessons to Bring into 2021

An end-of-the-year wrap up from Remix’s CEO, Tiffany Chu.

Tiffany Chu

CEO & Co-founder

The Cycling Revolution: How 2020 Has Paved the Way for Bicycles

Experts share their lessons in accelerating cycling infrastructure expansion during the pandemic.

A Tale of Two Cities: Key Learnings on Cross-Developmental Collaboration

Metro Transit and the City of Minneapolis Public Works share their best practices on how they tackled a large-scale, multi-agency transportation project with cross-developmental collaboration.


Giving Thanks at Remix: Transit Experts Share Reasons for Gratitude

As Thanksgiving approaches, Remix’s advisors share what they are grateful for and what they wish for in the year ahead.


Transportation Equity in Action: Reports from the Field

Remix recently hosted a webinar titled "Transportation Equity in Action: Reports from the Field". Here is a recap.


What You Need to Know about the 2020 Transportation Ballot Measures That Passed

Here's a rundown of some of the most significant transportation measures approved by voters in the recent 2020 election.


The Collaborative Enterprise for Transportation Projects

The industry needs collaboration tools designed specifically for transportation decision making. Read more about how our research helped us arrive to that conclusion.

David Frances

Product Manager, Remix

Transpo-Talk Exclusive: Delivering Mobility Solutions in Car-Centric Cities

A Transpo Talk panel of mobility experts offered their insights on how car-centric cities are adapting to transit challenges.


Transportation Initiatives to Look Out for This Election Season

With Election Day in less than a week, here’s a wrap-up of 2020 transportation ballot measures.

Janice Park

Content Marketing Manager, Remix

Fast-Tracking Emergency Transit Lanes

The COVID-19 pandemic has left public buses two-thirds empty. Here's how some cities are addressing it with fast-tracking emergency transit lanes.


How Four European Cities Improved Sustainable Transportation Through COVID-19 Pop-Up Projects

Remix hosted a webinar with four European transportation planners about sustainable transportation projects carried out in 2020 as a direct result of COVID-19. Here are the insights shared.


How Mobility Data Can Inform Impactful Policy Outcomes

Get key insights from NUMO's webinar panelists on how cities can use micromobility data to meet their goals and develop more impactful policy outcomes.


How COVID-19 Is Shaping Local Transportation and Livable Streets: a Conversation with SFMTA, SF Chamber of Commerce, and Remix

In a recent webinar hosted by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, SFMTA Director of Transportation Jeffrey Tumlin and Remix CEO Tiffany Chu discussed how the City is responding to the unprecedented challenges that the COVID-19 crisis has created.


Academics in Urban Planning Use Jane to Understand Regional Access

At Remix, there’s nothing we love more than seeing people use our software to help improve access through public transportation. That’s why we've been thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the University of Southern California.


5 Key Takeaways From “A Day in the Life of a Transportation Planner: COVID Planning and Recovery"

Transportation planning staff are facing unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. How are these challenges being addressed, and what lessons can we use in the coming weeks and months?


"Why Not Be Ambitious?": Lessons from Ireland

Over the next five years, 20% of the country's national transportation budget will be dedicated to bicycle and pedestrian transportation and 57% to public transport. This funding move makes Ireland a trailblazer.


Streateries: A Growing Trend that Is Here to Stay

Across states, municipalities are exploring planning and policy solutions that allow residents to live life with as much normalcy as possible. One such solution is the streatery concept.


Three Takeaways from “A Day in the Life of a Transit Planner: COVID-19 Edition”

On May 12th, Remix hosted a webinar to learn how transit agency leaders are responding to the challenge of COVID-19. Here are three takeaways from that discussion.


New Polling Data Reveals How Agencies Are Using Data to Inform Decision Making

How are agencies using data to identify accessibility gaps, market the value of transit, and reduce operational costs? We asked 27 transportation professionals from around the globe.

Isaac Shapiro

Customer Success Manager

A Holiday Gift for Cities (Part II)

If you could gift your city anything, what would it be?


A Holiday Gift For Cities (Part I)

If you could gift your city anything, what would it be?


The Scooter Data Opportunity: Cities Can Shape Their Future If They Act Now

With new shared mobility, like dockless scooters, comes an incredible opportunity to realign policies governing public space, capitalize on available data, and put cities back in charge of how streets are used.

Jascha Franklin-Hodge

Former Chief Information Officer, City of Boston

An Updated Practical City Guide to Mobility Data Licensing

Several months ago our advisor, Jascha Franklin-Hodge, wrote a first draft of a Practical City Guide to Mobility Data Licensing for Remix.

Tiffany Chu

CEO & Co-founder

Rachel Zack

Director of Policy, Remix

A Practical City Guide to Mobility Data Licensing

As cities regulate and license new mobility services, access to anonymized data is a key tool to manage public space, create a safe and equitable transportation system, and to ensure accountability for private companies operating on public streets.

Jascha Franklin-Hodge

Former Chief Information Officer, City of Boston

When It Comes to Shared Scooter Regulations, Cities Know Best

Micromobility is quickly changing the transportation landscape and cities need tools to manage these new modes.

Andrew Glass Hastings

Senior Mobility Strategist

TRB panel recap: Cities Leading the Way on Micromobility

We gathered a panel of industry experts on the topic of shared micromobility to hear their stories and share takeaways with our audience.


MDS, GBFS, and how cities can ask for data from micromobility providers

We share an overview of GBFS and MDS, both data standards for micromobility, and our recommendations for cities including data sharing requirements as part of their micromobility programs.

Charlie Bailey

Customer Success Manager

In the era of new mobility, the streets of the future must change

The way we move in cities is changing, and the streets that support our movements must evolve. In the era of new mobility, we at Remix are ready to help cities plan and visualize the streets of the future.

Claudia Preciado

Director of Growth, North America & ANZ

Transit Agencies Must Sell Freedom

Being able to move when you want and go where you want is a core element of personal freedom, and people engage with transit planners when the transit system is described in the context of that personal freedom.

Stephen Hunt

Principal Planner at Valley Regional Transit in Boise, ID

The Future of Cities Depends on Public Transit

The future of cities depends on the success of public transit, but city infrastructure is falling behind as transit agencies are underfunded and short-staffed.