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Leading as a Black Woman in America

Remix's Chief Operating Officer Nichole Jordan shares her experience as a leader during these tumultuous times.

Nichole Jordan


How Remixers Have Fostered Community and Connection while Working Remotely

The past two months has brought on an increasingly unfamiliar and challenging landscape as COVID-19 has radically changed all industries. Remix has seen the importance of course-correction for company policies.

Meagan Kim

Head Recruiter

Data Experiments at Remix: Estimating Passenger Load with Incomplete Data

The goal of running data experiments at Remix is to fill gaps in data owned by our city customers.

Santiago Toso

Data Scientist

5 Years in Review — a Letter from Our New CEO

As we wrap up 2019, we feel overwhelming gratitude towards our customers. Here's to celebrating 5 years with 5 impactful customer stories.

Tiffany Chu

CEO & Co-founder

Visualizing Transit Ridership in Remix: Our Design Process

How we learned from transit planners to turn a broad problem space into an effective launch.

Chris Arvin

Product Designer

Remix’s Partnership with Designer Fund — Bridge

Remix partenrs with Bridge, a professional development program for experienced designers from product, communication, and management backgrounds.