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Pandemic Service Planning in Remix

Transit agencies across the globe are responding quickly to the emerging needs of the COVID-19 public health crisis. Here are updates in the Remix platform that are designed to help with emergency planning.

Amanjeet Anne

Customer Success Manager

Stuart Polsky

GIS Analyst

How to See Other Cities’ Data on a Remix Map

How Remix uses GTFS feeds to display transportation systems in a map format.


Drive Ridership with City↔Transit Agency Collaboration: Announcing Remix Streets + Transit

Announcing Remix Streets + Transit = Better Bus Rapid Transit.

Andrew Glass Hastings

Senior Mobility Strategist

Aggregating Mobility Data to Protect Privacy

Remix uses anonymized mobility data to help cities manage public space and plan improvements to a city’s transportation system.

Jascha Franklin-Hodge

Former Chief Information Officer, City of Boston

Practical Data Visualizations and Custom Layers for Spring 2019

Check out five new and original visualizations being used by customers today.


How Remix Uses Data to Help Cities Manage Mobility

At Remix, we’ve done a great deal of thinking about reasonable limitations on the use of private mobility data that also ensures cities are adequately empowered to do their jobs.

Tom Mercer

VP Product

Improvements to Jane: New Travel Limits & "Reverse Jane"

We are excited to announce several big updates to Jane, Remix's travel time isochrone that visualizes access and mobility across a transit network.


How Remix Keeps Mobility Data Secure

Remix works closely with cities to protect this mobility data and individual privacy.


The First Platform to Manage New Mobility and Design Multimodal Streets

Remix is launching the first platform that brings together the entire transportation picture: public transit, the abundance of new mobility options (like scooters and bikes), and streets that support it all.

Tiffany Chu

CEO & Co-founder

Your Guide to Remix's New Layout

Remix has a new look; take a spin!


Remix Transit Introduces Vehicle Types and Operating Companies

The Remix platform updated to allow you to represent vehicle types and operating companies in your plans.


Title VI in 10 Minutes or Less with Remix’s Title VI Engine

Remix helps with Title VI reporting, which intends to protect minority and low-income populations from bearing a disproportionate burden of changes to transit service.


Remix’s Isochrone Visualizes Travel Time

Jane visualizes the accessibility of your transit network in Remix.