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The Key to Success Is in Collaborative Mapping

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Remix users can find even more ways to collaborate with Project Sharing 2.0.

Janice Park

Content Marketing Manager, Remix

Why Collaborative Mapping Is The Future of Transit Planning

In recent years, transit planners have increasingly faced issues of inclusivity, sustainability, and equity. To support these community needs, approaches such as collaborative mapping can benefit both transit planners and those they serve.


A Tale of Two Cities: Key Learnings on Cross-Developmental Collaboration

Metro Transit and the City of Minneapolis Public Works share their best practices on how they tackled a large-scale, multi-agency transportation project with cross-developmental collaboration.


Collaboration Just Got Better with Remix Commenting

There hasn’t been a collaboration tool specifically designed for transportation planning - that is why we are proud to announce the launch of Remix Commenting.


The Collaborative Enterprise for Transportation Projects

The industry needs collaboration tools designed specifically for transportation decision making. Read more about how our research helped us arrive to that conclusion.

David Frances

Product Manager, Remix