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Prioritizing Transit with a Collaborative Data Approach: Webinar Recap

Read Capital Metro's story on leveraging a collaborative approach to transit data to implement transit prioritization.


How to Streamline Public Transportation Planning and Improve Public Transport

Public transportation planning is a complex process that relies on strings of data and modeling to forecast future transit trends. This article examines ways to streamline the planning process and develop better public transport services.


GIS Software 101: A Beginners Guide to GIS Mapping

GIS uses geospatial data to inform better decision-making. Learn why GIS is the gold standard for transportation planning.


How to Use Remix to Design Mobility Programs that Complement Your Fixed Route Network

When planned well, flexible mobility programs, like paratransit, demand response, shared on-demand, or microtransit services, can support broader city goals of increasing access and decreasing congestion.

Courtney Sung

Head of Strategy and Business Development

Three Questions to Answer with Remix’s Breakdown Tables

Use Breakdown Tables to explore transportation topics. We walk you through a few.

Caitlin Hewitt

Product Manager, Remix

How to Visualize Demographic Data

Want to catch people’s attention with your data? Learn how to visualize demographic data in more creative ways and the benefits it can give you.


Remixing Innovation for Mobility Justice

Remix and TransForm introduce a culmination of work from cities, equity advocates, and technologist working together to answer how technology can move the needle on cities' equity goals.

Rachel Zack

Director of Policy at Remix

Integrating Equity Throughout Your Workflow with Remix

The number of transportation agencies that are integrating equity analysis into workflows is growing. Here's how to use Remix for equity-focused initiatives.

Rachel Zack

Director of Policy at Remix

Deeper Data Analysis with Remix's Breakdown Tables

Introducing the newest from Remix’s data platform: Breakdown Tables.


Design Your Quick Build Network in Remix

Use Remix to design a network and express the tactical details of the street design.


The Seven Newest (and Coolest) Data Stories in Remix

Data needs to be seen in its proper context to truly shine. That's why the Remix team has broadened the scope of data analysis that can be done in the platform.

Tamara Lima

Director of Customer Insights

Introducing Our Newest Product: Remix Explore

We are pleased to introduce the public launch of Remix Explore to help governments accelerate their crisis and recovery planning.

Caroline Ang Wright

Director of Marketing

Data Experiments at Remix: Estimating Passenger Load with Incomplete Data

The goal of running data experiments at Remix is to fill gaps in data owned by our city customers.

Santiago Toso

Data Scientist