Meet the New Remix

Meet New Remix, designed to be more intuitive, flexible, and more powerfully multimodal.

David Frances

Product Manager, Remix

Spenser Garden

Product Designer

Introducing Remix by Via’s On-demand Planning

Introducing On-demand Planning: The first planning product for on-demand and flexible fleets that is data-driven, integrated with the fixed-route network, and collaborative.

Tom Mercer

VP Product

Caitlin Hewitt

Product Manager, Remix

Title VI in 10 Minutes or Less with Remix’s Title VI Engine

Remix helps with Title VI reporting, which intends to protect minority and low-income populations from bearing a disproportionate burden of changes to transit service.


Remix Transit Introduces Vehicle Types and Operating Companies

The Remix platform updated to allow you to represent vehicle types and operating companies in your plans.


Your Guide to Remix's New Layout

Remix has a new look; take a spin!


Transit Agencies Must Sell Freedom

Being able to move when you want and go where you want is a core element of personal freedom, and people engage with transit planners when the transit system is described in the context of that personal freedom.

Stephen Hunt

Principal Planner at Valley Regional Transit in Boise, ID

Remix’s Partnership with Designer Fund — Bridge

Remix partners with Bridge, a professional development program for experienced designers from product, communication, and management backgrounds.


Visualizing Transit Ridership in Remix: Our Design Process

How we learned from transit planners to turn a broad problem space into an effective launch.

Chris Arvin

Product Designer

Remix’s Isochrone Visualizes Travel Time

Jane visualizes the accessibility of your transit network in Remix.