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Introducing Remix by Via’s On-demand Planning

Introducing On-demand Planning: The first planning product for on-demand and flexible fleets that is data-driven, integrated with the fixed-route network, and collaborative.

Tom Mercer

VP Product

Caitlin Hewitt

Product Manager, Remix

What You Need To Know About Paratransit Services

Paratransit is a vital transportation service for riders with disabilities. However, it doesn't come without its challenges. Learn about the benefits and challenges of paratransit.


Transportation Scheduling 101

Learn about the ins and outs of transit scheduling and some of the common pitfalls that planners may face.


The Ins And Outs Of Fixed Route Scheduling

From bus stops to subways, millions of people rely on fixed routes for their daily commute. Learn about the variables, data, and planning that goes into it.


How to Streamline Public Transportation Planning and Improve Public Transport

Public transportation planning is a complex process that relies on strings of data and modeling to forecast future transit trends. This article examines ways to streamline the planning process and develop better public transport services.


GIS Application in Transportation Planning for Better Traffic Management

Learn more about how Graphic Information Systems (GIS) can be used to manage and mitigate traffic in cities and town.


How to Use Remix to Design Mobility Programs that Complement Your Fixed Route Network

When planned well, flexible mobility programs, like paratransit, demand response, shared on-demand, or microtransit services, can support broader city goals of increasing access and decreasing congestion.

Courtney Sung

Head of Strategy and Business Development

Luxembourg's Biggest Network Redesign in Recent History

In a recent live webinar, we sat down with Yan Steil, Mobility Planner at the “Régime Général des Transports Routiers” (RGTR) in Luxembourg to discuss Luxembourg’s biggest public transit redesign in recent history.

The Seven Newest (and Coolest) Data Stories in Remix

Data needs to be seen in its proper context to truly shine. That's why the Remix team has broadened the scope of data analysis that can be done in the platform.

Tamara Lima

Director of Customer Insights

Skagit Transit Uses Remix’s New Presentation Studio to Provide Clarity to Riders

Delivering information to passengers is a critical element of public outreach for transit agencies. Remix Transit makes this straightforward for agencies with our newest feature, Presentation Studio.


Introducing Jane 3.0, a More Accurate Jane

We are thrilled to announce a big update on how Jane navigates the physical environment: users can now customize Jane to use the pedestrian network.


Three Takeaways from “A Day in the Life of a Transit Planner: COVID-19 Edition”

On May 12th, Remix hosted a webinar to learn how transit agency leaders are responding to the challenge of COVID-19. Here are three takeaways from that discussion.


Pandemic Service Planning in Remix

Transit agencies across the globe are responding quickly to the emerging needs of the COVID-19 public health crisis. Here are updates in the Remix platform that are designed to help with emergency planning.

Amanjeet Anne

Customer Success Manager

Stuart Polsky

GIS Analyst

Data Experiments at Remix: Estimating Passenger Load with Incomplete Data

The goal of running data experiments at Remix is to fill gaps in data owned by our city customers.

Santiago Toso

Data Scientist

Title VI in 10 Minutes or Less with Remix’s Title VI Engine

Remix helps with Title VI reporting, which intends to protect minority and low-income populations from bearing a disproportionate burden of changes to transit service.


Remix Transit Introduces Vehicle Types and Operating Companies

The Remix platform updated to allow you to represent vehicle types and operating companies in your plans.


AC Transit Plans Its Biggest Service Increase Since the Recession

Remix helped AC Transit achieve their goals by creating an efficient workflow and avoiding going back to the drawing board with every tweak.