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Celebrating Black History Month 2021 at Remix

Here's how Remix celebrated Black History Month this past February with art, literature, food, and community events that focused on the theme of Black Resilience.


What Black History Month at Remix means to me

Working at Remix is a constant reminder that no matter who you are or what your story is, space can always be made and differences can bring people together.

Cara Hunt

North America Remix Transit Manager

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month and the Sacred Traditions

Get a glimpse into how Remix celebrated National Native American Heritage Month.


Celebrating Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month at Remix

September 15th to October 15th marks Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month at Remix and here’s how we celebrated.


October is Global Diversity Awareness Month and Here’s How We’re Celebrating

At Remix, we strive to honor and amplify diverse voices. That's why we're excited to celebrate Global Diversity Awareness Month.


Celebrating Women's Equality Day with Remix

For Women's Equality Day 2020, we interviewed some of our amazing woman employees on what gender equality means to them.


How Remixers Have Fostered Community and Connection while Working Remotely

The past two months has brought on an increasingly unfamiliar and challenging landscape as COVID-19 has radically changed all industries. Remix has seen the importance of course-correction for company policies.

Meagan Kim

Head Recruiter