3️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 🎉 Remix in 2018: Celebrating 300+ customers


A growing community of transportation agencies since 2015.

Dublin is now one of many cities around the world taking bold steps to reinvent their public transit. We’re thrilled that the National Transport Authority who plans transit across all of Ireland, recently came on board as our 300th customer!

In less than four years, we’ve grown from four co-founders to a company of nearly sixty urbanists, technologists, and designers based in San Francisco and Amsterdam.

When we founded Remix, our goal was to build more livable cities. Today, we’re proud to help planners around the world shape their local transportation.

— Sam Hashemi, CEO

remix co-founders
Remix co-founders Dan, Sam, Tiffany, and Danny
remix team
The Remix team in 2018

Customer accolades

We attribute much of our growth to the customers who have supported us from the start and who have continued to believe in our mission. Our very first customer, the Oregon Department of Transportation, continues to be a pioneer in transit technology and data standards. CapMetro in Austin, Straeto in Reykjavik, Iceland, and VTA in San Jose are customers who have conducted bold, complete system redesigns within Remix. HART in Tampa, Florida, is helping the community prepare for future weather events by building hurricane evacuation plans. CATS in Charlotte is using Remix to create better public engagement around future transit plans.

These are a tiny sample of our customers’ accomplishments. We’ve been excited to be part of those efforts and many more.

remix team
remix team
remix team
A few photos from the past years. Spot anyone familiar?

Helping build the future of Remix

We’d also like to give a special thank you to customers who have dedicated their time and expertise to help us build a first-class product experience. Customers like Translink in Brisbane, Australia, helped us improve our costing algorithm. RTC in Las Vegas advised us on how to launch our vehicle types and operating companies feature. King County Metro in Seattle provided feedback on Jane, our travel time isochrone, to be an even more powerful planning method.

remix platform screenshot

Measuring jobs access via transit with Jane

Based on this feedback, we’ve been able to deliver a regular cadence of product updates to meet our evolving customer needs. Check it out below!

product highlights
Remix product growth since 2014

concept wall
In the spirit of constant improvement, we’re always exploring new concepts and variations of Remix

What’s next?

Since 2015, we’ve been dedicated to delivering product updates that help shape the narrative around transportation planning. So what’s next? First, Remix customers will begin to see some noticeable visible changes to the platform starting next week. The newly redesigned interface has two goals:

  1. Streamline some of your existing workflows
  2. Allow us to continue adding new functionality while maintaining the simplicity of Remix

We’re also preparing exciting changes to address the rapidly changing landscape of mobility. We have a few ideas how to help cities prepare to plan their transportation future and will be sharing more soon.

Thank you to our first 300 customers and we’re excited to continue to shape the plans of many more. 🎉🚌🚈🚲