Design Your Quick Build Network in Remix


Use Remix to express the tactical details of your proposed network. This map proposes a collection of slow streets (in purple) that will provide space for outdoor dining tables (represented with six-foot blue buffers).

At Remix, we’ve been inspired by the pace at which cities are implementing projects. In a span of less than a month, cities like Oakland, Somerville, Sydney, and Philadelphia implemented slow/active streets, streateries, or other quick build projects.

In April 2020, OakDOT (Oakland, California) was one of the first slow street leaders in the US after they closed off 74 miles to vehicular traffic. Since then, Remix has seen many opportunities to help customers like Oakland stay ambitious and move fast. That’s why we launched two new features in the Remix Streets platform: Network Drawing and the Quick Build Kit.

Compare Network Scenarios and Understand Tradeoffs

Even if your agency aims to unroll a network of slow streets or quick build bike lanes overnight, many considerations must go into crafting that network. Shutting down one or two streets risks crowding and public health concerns, while opening several that are connected in a thoughtful progression will help residents stay healthy and get to and from essential locations, especially as transit capacity remains limited.

With Remix’s Network Drawing you can quickly sketch network line ideas for your slow streets or bike network proposals. Whether you are building a new network from scratch or considering extensions and other changes to the network, you can use Remix to draft these concepts and evaluate their impact by instantly seeing statistics on the people and places nearby.  Network Drawing combined with powerful geospatial data analysis can help you gain buy-in for your proposals to move your projects forward faster, which is critical during this era of accelerated planning.

Use Remix to craft a holistic network.
Instantly see statistics on the people and places near your proposed network.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Once a network is identified, we recommend expressing the tactical details of the street design. Presenting stakeholders with a visual representation of what your project could actually look like makes your narrative more compelling.

You can use Remix’s Quick Build Kit to bring said projects to life. With a single visual, you can use the Kit to communicate street closures, a streatery, loading/unloading zones, or temporary biking or walking lanes to help people with physical distancing as they move across the city.

Use Remix’s Quick Build Kit to express the tactical details of a street closure with outdoor dining tables, signage, plastic buffers, planters, etc.

Is your city working through quick build projects or hoping to expand its Slow Streets network? Let us visualize that for you in Remix; reach out at to learn more.