Practical Data Visualizations and Custom Layers for Spring 2019


Stretch what you can do with data visualization with Remix.

As a Remix customer, you and your teams have access to data layers and visualizations that we have seen cities and agencies use to enrich their planning processes, communicate big data, and tell a stronger story. Check out five new and original visualizations being used by customers today.

CalEnviroScreen — 3.0

Remix now displays the CalEnvironScreen 3.0 data for all of our partners in California. CalEnviroScreen identifies California communities by census tract that are disproportionately burdened by, and vulnerable to, multiple sources of pollution. This data can be used for a number of Caltrans programs aiming to reduce greenhouse gases.

remix platform screenshot

Micro Transit Zones — Ride On (Montgomery County, MD)

Ride On in Maryland is planning to implement micro transit service and has visualized its proposed flex zones in Remix to see how they interact with their existing fixed route service.

remix platform screenshot

Ramp Deployments — VIA (San Antonio, TX)

VIA in San Antonio, TX wanted to map and display where buses are deploying their accessibility ramps across the fixed route network. They hope to use this data to meet on-time performance goal and identify sites to be considered for boarding facility improvements.

remix platform screenshot

Bublr Bike Share Location — MCTS (Milwaukee, WI)

MCTS added a custom layer displaying Bublr Bike Share stations. This allows MCTS to plan bus service and facilities in conjunction with bike share to emphasize multimodal trips and offer additional options for first/last mile.

remix platform screenshot

Ridership Heat Map — RideMTD (Harrisburg, IL)

In addition to visualizing ridership as a stop buffers that may vary in size or color, ridership can also be displayed in a heat map, like in Harrisburg, IL. Heat maps are a quick way to identify pickup and dropoff concentrations for shuttles, on-demand, or paratransit service.

remix platform screenshot

As always, if you have any questions or want to visualize your data in Remix, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. Happy Planning!