Remix is Now Hosted in the EU

Dan Getelman

Remix is now hosted in the European Union.

Since Remix’s founding in 2014, we’ve strived to serve the 350+ cities and over 1700 transportation professionals who have chosen our platform to help build more livable cities. Our city government partners have always shaped how we develop our product, and today, I’m pleased to announce that our partners inspired us to expand our data hosting practices. Remix is now hosted in both the United States and Europe.

What does this mean right now? 

For our 30+ public transport partnership agencies in the European Union (EU), local hosting means that the Remix platform will function faster due to increased server speeds and improved load times. Additionally, all customer data will be processed and stored in the EU.

Remix is already GDPR compliant, and the expanded scope of our data hosting provides even more control of custom data for our EU partners. We hope that this enables more data visualization and analysis for our European partners, who no longer have to worry about their data being stored outside the EU. We want our partners to start taking advantage now. Reach out to your Partner Success Managers today! 

What will this mean for the future? 

Remix continues to work hard to ensure that our technology helps transport authorities make informed decisions with data, streamline collaboration, and foster goodwill with effective community engagement. 

With our new EU hosting capabilities, European partners will be able to fully participate in upcoming product improvements, like collaborative commenting and self-serve data uploads. 

Reach out to learn more

New to Remix? Please reach out to learn more. Are you an existing customer? Your Partner Success Manager would love to hear any questions or feedback you have