Remix Turns Five with Tiffany Chu at the Helm as Our New CEO


We’re excited to announce new leadership at Remix: Nichole Jordan, our new COO, and Tiffany Chu, our new CEO.

As Remix turns five years old, we’re excited to enter the next chapter for our company. We’ve seen incredible momentum since our founding in 2014, from working with a single transit agency in the United States to partnering with 325+ cities and transit agencies across the world today. We’re proud that our customers have chosen our platform to bring together the complete transportation picture and help them build more livable cities.

As Remix looks ahead to the next five years, we are excited to announce our new Chief Executive Officer Tiffany Chu. Tiffany is a Remix co-founder and formerly served as Chief Operating Officer. She brings a wealth of urban planning, transportation and design experience as an MIT graduate, past fellow at Code for America, alumna of Y Combinator, and the first UX hire at Zipcar. When she’s not at Remix, she serves as Commissioner at the San Francisco Department of the Environment and sits on the San Francisco Congestion Pricing Policy Committee.

We’re grateful to Sam Hashemi, our first CEO and co-founder, who transitions his role to Board Member and Strategic Advisor.

Tiffany is supported by a strong executive team, including Daniel Getelman, current Chief Technology Officer and Remix co-founder. As part of this leadership change, Nichole Jordan is being promoted to Chief Operating Officer, and Tom Mercer is being promoted to Chief Product Officer.

remix leadership team
Remix’s founding team (Dan Getelman, Sam Hashemi, Tiffany Chu, Danny Whalen) at Code for America where they began their journey building technology for cities.

remix leadership team
Remix’s new leadership team (Dan Getelman, Nichole Jordan, Tiffany Chu, Tom Mercer) to lead a company of hard working engineers, designers, and urban planners, passionate about building more livable cities.

Sam’s message to the team, passing the baton to Tiffany, is below.

" This past month marked our five year anniversary as a company — five years! A moment like this is an opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come. I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished as a team since founding the company:

  • Relentlessly pursued our mission of building more livable cities by creating the world’s first platform that brings together the entire transportation picture — public transit, street infrastructure, and shared mobility. Here’s an example of the type of impact our customers have seen, in their own words.
  • Partnered with 325+ cities in 17 different countries to deliver better transportation outcomes. These partnerships are built on real trust and commitment to our customers, and we’re lucky enough to hear from them regularly. A quote from longtime Remix customer and renowned consultant Jarrett Walker, always sticks in my mind: “Remix is the first tool where we can play with our ideas and see the outcomes instantly. We just move a lot faster. We have better ideas because we can think continuously.
  • Raised $27M in capital from the best investors around: Sequoia, Energy Impact Partners, Y Combinator, Designer Fund, SV Angel, and countless others. Each of these investors has understood the importance of the mission we’re pursuing and has helped us accomplish it.
  • Built a team of 65 of the most talented, heartfelt people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. The team has brought a passion, fire, and authenticity each and every day.

I wanted to thank every person who made the last five years possible — my gratitude knows no bounds. Now that we’ve reached the five year mark, I’ve been spending some time asking myself: what’s next? One of the hard decisions I’ve made is that this is the right time to pass the baton to a new leader to continue the good work we’ve done. As I asked who would be the right fit, I had three priorities in mind:

  • Mission: someone who understands the impact our work has on people’s lives
  • People: someone who can rally our team and treat each member with respect
  • Customers: someone who will fight for our customers and the work they do

I’m lucky enough to have worked with someone who embodies these traits through-and-through — my co-founder Tiffany Chu. Starting December 1st, I will transition my role to Board Member and Strategic Advisor, and Tiffany will take on the role of CEO and lead Remix in its next chapter. I couldn’t be more excited to see where she takes the company!"

In the past five years, Remix grew from a team of four to 65 passionate individuals dedicated to serving 325+ cities around the world. Thank you to Sam Hashemi for your fearless leadership.

remix team
In the past five years, Remix grew from a team of four to 65 passionate individuals dedicated to serving 325+ cities around the world. Thank you to Sam Hashemi for your fearless leadership.