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Remix's technology is a game-changer. Now, we can automatically visualize service, financial trade-offs, and quickly evaluate how proposed scenarios impact low income and minority populations in real-time.

Todd Plesko

VP Service Planning & Scheduling, DART  |  Dallas, TX

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Remix Street’s Advanced Editing lends a lot of credibility to the designs while still maintaining a rapid prototyping ability that I have not seen in other software.

sam janda

Tram Network Planner  |  Melbourne, Australia

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Explore gives us a quick glimpse of relevant data. It's easy to look at Explore and get the information needed. And that saves us time. It took us two to three days of making maps for the Title VI report. With Explore, it's an hour of clicking around and exporting maps and putting them into our report.

Matthew Schriefer

Evansville MPO  |  Evansville, Indiana

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Remix sets the standard for us as a technology partner when we evaluate technology providers for other needs. We have a new technology vendor and one of the main reasons we selected them was because they gave us a similar feeling to what we have experienced with Remix from a customer experience standpoint. Remix really sets the bar.

Regnheiour Einarsdottir

Transport Planning Specialist, Strætó  |  Reykjavik, Iceland