2020 Cities - Vancouver

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About this webinar

About this event

Remix is heading to Vancouver to join city leaders from around the world and exchange knowledge in transportation and shared mobility. Reach out to Andrew or Janice if you would like to learn more or connect at the event.

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Andrew Glass Hastings

Senior Mobility Strategist

Andrew Glass Hastings has been a leader on key transportation policies and initiatives for nearly 15 years. Previously as the Director of Transit & Mobility for the City of Seattle, Andrew and his team worked to redefine urban mobility by integrating new mobility programs and services into the broader transportation system. Currently Andrew is the Senior Mobility Strategist for Remix, where he works with cities and transit agencies to help them shape their mobility futures.

Janice Park

Content Marketing Manager, Remix

Janice Park is an enthusiastic thinker of the future of cities and the intersection of technology and planning to promote sustainable growth. Currently, as a transportation planner with Remix, Janice works with transit agencies across the US to develop technology solutions that dramatically improve the planning process, while enabling greater exploration and public engagement. Previously, she conducted economics research and wrote for the Urban Institute in Washington, DC, studied TODs, parking, and transit for UC Berkeley, served as an analyst for San Francisco MTA, and worked with a variety of public agencies as a consultant with Cambridge Systematics. She has a bachelors' in economics from Pomona College and holds two master's degrees in city planning and transportation engineering from UC Berkeley.