About this webinar

About this event

During this global health crisis, we stand by you and offer our support as you deliver transportation services to your city. We’ve reached out to our network of policy experts to provide a space for the transportation community to access the expertise and knowledge-sharing necessary to plan well during this crisis.

Over the next two weeks Remix is hosting an expert discussion with industry leaders.

Transportation for America has been leading the call for emergency federal financial assistance to address mounting cleaning costs and declining farebox revenue facing agencies across the nation. Beth will share an update on T4A’s recent efforts to secure emergency funding, reflect on lessons learned from ridership decline during the 2009-2010 recession, and provide ways we can all take action today to ensure the bright future of transit.

What to expect

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Emergency federal funding efforts

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Lessons from declines in ridership during the 2009-2010 recession

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Actions to take today


Beth Osborne

President, Transportation for America

Beth is the President of Transportation for America. She was previously at the U.S. Department of Transportation, where she served as the Acting Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy and the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy.

Rachel Zack

Director of Policy at Remix

Rachel Zack is the Director of Policy at Remix. Her passion for empowering planners with access to insights for better decision-making stem from her many years of advising on cutting edge transportation problems, such as TNC regulation (Uber and Lyft), road usage pricing, congestion pricing, express lanes, and planning for autonomous vehicles. Before joining Remix, Rachel launched the Innovative Mobility arm of WSP where she led alternative transportation programs around the Bay Area and advised city and state agencies on strategic planning for new mobility. Her work in the field received the Caltrans Excellence in Transportation Award in WTS Innovative Transportation Solutions Award.