During this global health crisis, we stand by you and offer our support as you deliver transportation services to your city. We’ve reached out to our network of policy experts to provide a space for the transportation community to access the expertise and knowledge-sharing necessary to plan well during this crisis.

Over the next two weeks Remix is hosting an expert discussion with industry leaders.

Jarrett Walker is an international consultant in public transit network design and policy, and the author of the book Human Transit. In this virtual brown bag session, Jarrett will discuss the operational changes transit agencies can make in response to declining ridership, the tradeoffs changes, and concerns for the future in this virtual brown bag session.

What's covered

Service challenges and changes in response to social distancing & declines in ridership

Tradeoffs to consider when making operational changes

Preparedness for long-term declines


Jarrett Walker

President, Jarrett Walker + Associates

Jarrett Walker is an international consultant in public transit network design and policy, based in Portland, Oregon. He has been a full-time consultant since 1991 and has led numerous major planning projects in cities and towns of all sizes, across North America, Australia, and New Zealand. He is also the author of Human Transit: How clearer thinking about public transit can enrich our communites and our lives (Island Press, 2011). He is President of Jarrett Walker + Associates, a consulting firm that provides advice and planning services North America.

Rachel Zack

Director of Policy, Remix

Rachel Zack is a policy strategist at Remix, where she is researching policy related to dockless programs, ride-hailing and autonomous vehicles. She is exploring how cities can work collaboratively with private mobility providers to deliver on safer infrastructure and more equitable mobility systems. Before joining Remix, Rachel consulted for agencies across the country on strategic planning for shared mobility and autonomous vehicles. Her work in the field received the Caltrans Excellence in Transportation Award in WTS Innovative Transportation Solutions Award.