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About this event

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, hundreds of millions of Americans have been asked to work from home, which poses new challenges for transportation planners whose work is often collaborative and people-facing. Traditional transportation planning relies on in-person meetings, design charrettes, community open houses or in-person public outreach, all of which are untenable at this time.

This webinar will provide expert tips for virtual planning and collaboration in Remix and other commonly used tools.

Whether you are a Remix power user or just curious, please join us for the webinar.

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Charlie Bailey

Customer Success Manager

Charlie Bailey is a Data Operations Manager at Remix. Charlie comes to Remix with a background in urban planning and transportation and experience working in both local government and in operations at technology companies in the transportation space. At Remix, Charlie has worked on Growth and Customer Success and currently he manages the transit data pipeline for over 300 customers.