Reimagining transportation equity

Accessible and reliable transportation is a lifeline to a higher quality-of-life and remains a critical component to equitable economic recovery.

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Social climate analysis with LADOT

LADOT is investing in social climate and community analysis, a new process for project staff to work directly with community members, resident leaders, and service providers to identify meaningful ways to preserve community assets and address socio-cultural barriers between transportation projects and the people they serve.

Remix Explore enabled LADOT to analyze multiple sources of data in one place and quickly understand the possible impacts of proposed transportation projects. The city is planning to integrate this process as a standard practice across groups and divisions department-wide.

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Equity practices in planning

TransForm and Remix (funded by Elemental Excelerator’s Equity & Access track) authored a report titled, "Remixing Innovation for Mobility Justice", to advance equity practices and collaboration in the public and private mobility sectors. A project team of equity advocates, DOT planners, and technologists co-created new functionality in Remix to help narrow the gap between equity analysis and its application in the field.

Case studies include how planners and advocates can use Remix in common scenarios with equity considerations, such as: 1) proposing a new park where it can be accessed by the greatest number of people, 2) estimating the impact of potential transit service cuts on disadvantaged communities, and 3) matching quantitative trends in mobility outcomes with oral histories over time.

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Lack of information need not be the reason that transit-dependent communities, low-income people, limited-English speakers, Black and brown folks are not being served.

Hayley Currier

Policy Advocacy Manager, TransForm

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