Remix for Educators

A licensing program for students, teachers, and academic researchers at graduate and undergraduate institutions.

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We're partnering with educators to introduce human-centered collaborative mapping to the next generation of transportation professionals.

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Hands-on Experience

Explore how transportation policy and network design impact different communities. Analyze trade-offs in the context of safety, sustainability, and equity goals.

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Preparation for Future Jobs

350 agencies in 22 countries use Remix to plan their transit and infrastructure projects, making literacy with the platform a key skill for future planners.

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Affordable Licenses

We've created an academic licensing option that enables Remix use for departments, classes, and research teams in a budget-friendly way.

Where teams plan transportation together.


Bring critical datasets from disparate sources together to understand existing conditions and gain insights.


Evaluate trade-offs, propose alternatives, and make informed decisions.

Build trust

Collaborate across teams using a shared language and single source of truth.

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I have really enjoyed becoming part of Transpo Talk (TT). The organic conversation that takes place in this community has such a genuine feel to it. Inspired by true collaboration, TT is a well-curated and safe space for transportation peers to learn from each other. I can already see how we are all getting closer in these times of #PhysicalDistancing and hope that we continue to grow stronger. Big thanks to Remix for bringing us together!!!

Carlos Cruz-Casas

Assistant Director, Department of Transportation and Public Works
Miami-Dade County, FL

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With Remix, my students didn’t have to go find different datasets and incorporate them into a new GIS network. It was really valuable for us that the existing conditions and nearly all the datasets existed in Remix already.

John Tallmadge

UNC-Chapel Hill lecturer and former planning director at GoTriangle

What students find most valuable about Remix:

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"Streamlines a large amount of button-pushing that would normally have to be done in ArcGIS and Excel"

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"Provides skill that can be applied in a job"

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"Real, deep, accessible data available to see across multiple cities"

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"Automatic calculation of operating hours and costs"

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"Ease of importing bus lines from entire systems and ability to isolate routes"

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"Ability to easily explore and experiment with data and maps"

End-of-semester survey responses from UNC’s Intro to Planning class.

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