6 Streets Project Metrics to Achieve ‘Complete Streets’ and More

How can Vision Zero and Complete Streets policies be applied to practical design?

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Cities have been creating policies that aim toward Vision Zero and Complete Streets for decades. But how do these policies ultimately trickle down into practical design? With pedestrian fatalities at an all-time high, how can you make sure your projects are achieving their goals? This e-book explores 6 metrics to use (and how to measure them) to evaluate your progress.

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About the Author(s)

Claudia Preciado

Director of Growth, North America & ANZ

Claudia Preciado has a background in transportation planning and is passionate about improving sustainability, livability, and mobility in cities. As Director at Remix, Claudia connects cities and transit agencies around the world with technology that enables data-driven decision-making, right of way management, and infrastructure planning. Remix’s work is transforming the traditional transportation process, enabling increased collaboration and communication between internal and external stakeholders — and placing cities at the center of transportation. Claudia has worked with government entities like LADOT, CapMetro, SFMTA, and Transport for New South Wales in pioneering innovative approaches to their strategic transportation initiatives. Previously, Claudia worked at Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates where she specialized in transit, multimodal planning, and sustainable land use integration - working with cities and transit agencies on general plans, citywide and corridor transit plans, complete streets projects, and transportation demand management. She also worked at LA Metro in Countywide Planning, focusing on capital rail projects. Claudia holds a Master in Planning with honors from the University of Southern California and a B.A. in Urban Studies from Stanford University.