Transportation equity takes many forms. But underneath all of these initiatives runs the conviction that safe, accessible, affordable, and environmentally sustainable transportation options are meant for all people, not merely for a favored few.

In this webinar, we’ll have a panel of transportation practitioners, policy advocates, and Remix technologists who will speak to their unique transportation equity projects and the impacts they’re seeing on the ground. From teaching their agency the value of Title VI, to ensuring public outreach materials are published in the languages of local communities, to building technology that supports planners focused on equity, we’re pleased to welcome our panelists. Join the conversation as we dig into the practical application of this critical topic.

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About the Author(s)

Adam Smith

Senior Planner in the BRT Projects, Department of Metro Transit, Minneapolis

Adam Smith is a senior planner in the BRT Projects Department of Metro Transit (Minneapolis, MN), where he serves as the planning lead for the METRO B Line bus rapid transit project. Prior to joining Metro Transit, Adam worked as a consultant in Minnesota and California, leading planning and environmental review processes for a variety of transportation and water infrastructure projects. Adam holds Master’s degrees in Urban & Regional Planning and Public Affairs from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Jasna Hadzic-Stanek

Transportation Planner, City of Minneapolis

Jasna Hadzic-Stanek is a Transportation Planner for the City of Minneapolis with 8 years of experience building active communities in Minnesota. Her primary responsibilities include managing the Mobility Hub pilot, leading the Technology topic of the 10-year Transportation Action Plan and advancing the work around Smart Cities. Her educational background is in Environmental Design and Community and Regional Planning.

Janice Park

Content Marketing Manager, Remix

Janice Park is an enthusiastic thinker of the future of cities and the intersection of technology and planning to promote sustainable growth. Currently, as a transportation planner with Remix, Janice works with transit agencies across the US to develop technology solutions that dramatically improve the planning process, while enabling greater exploration and public engagement. Previously, she conducted economics research and wrote for the Urban Institute in Washington, DC, studied TODs, parking, and transit for UC Berkeley, served as an analyst for San Francisco MTA, and worked with a variety of public agencies as a consultant with Cambridge Systematics. She has a bachelors' in economics from Pomona College and holds two master's degrees in city planning and transportation engineering from UC Berkeley.

David Frances

Product Manager, Remix

David Frances is a Product Manager at Remix, dedicated to helping cities improve livability through streamlining the collaborative workflow for local governments. His focus is on ensuring a robust product development process that enables the Remix Platform to always deliver real value to its customers. David holds an M.S. in Management from Kedge Business School in Marseille, France.