Transportation equity takes many forms. But underneath all of these initiatives runs the conviction that safe, accessible, affordable, and environmentally sustainable transportation options are meant for all people, not merely for a favored few.

In this webinar, we’ll have a panel of transportation practitioners, policy advocates, and Remix technologists who will speak to their unique transportation equity projects and the impacts they’re seeing on the ground. From teaching their agency the value of Title VI, to ensuring public outreach materials are published in the languages of local communities, to building technology that supports planners focused on equity, we’re pleased to welcome our panelists. Join the conversation as we dig into the practical application of this critical topic.

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About the Author(s)

Sarah Bindman

Product Manager

Sarah Bindman is a Product Manager at Remix interested in the idea of using technology to improve transit access, make data-driven policy decisions, and design better cities. Sarah has a background in transportation planning and has prior experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors. At Remix, Sarah is focused on understanding the needs of our user so that we can build products to best support their current and desired workflows.

Kyle Boehm

Director of Customer Success

Kyle Boehm is Remix's Director of Customer Success where he leads a team of passionate and empathetic planners who support Remix's 340+ city partners. Kyle is excited to solve transportation planning problems with customers and looks for creative ways to support them. Prior to joining Remix, Kyle was a transit planner at Connect Transit, in Bloomington-Normal, IL, where he used Remix to lead the agency's first system redesign in 30 years.