Transit planners in Europe are using Remix to foster collaboration and improve outcomes. In this webinar, hear from planners in Finland and the UK.

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About the Author(s)

Leena Huhtala

Planner, Tampere Regional Transport, Nesse

Leena has been leading Tampere's Route Redesign 2021, which is designing bus changes to support a new tram. She studied the transformation of public transport in the Tampere region and the public transport administration models in the Pirkanmaa region, Finland. Leena holds an M.A. in Public Administration Sciences from the University of Vassa.

Edmund Salt

Network Development Manager, Transport for West Midlands

Edmund is a network development manager at Transport for West Midlands, where he manages bus partnerships. He also leads the delivery of bus network development plans that facilitate proactive planning around future network changes and support growth across the region. Edmund has served both public and private sectors in the UK and internationally. He holds a MEng in Civil Engineering from the University of Birmingham.