Social distancing and the decreasing appeal of crowded public transport facilities raised new challenges to transportation professionals during the pandemic. Many cities took the opportunity to improve their cycling networks to attract a broader cycling audience. In this webinar we will discuss the following topics: - How did cities, with historically low level of cycling respond to the first wave of the pandemic and prepare for the second wave? - What differences (or similarities) can we find in Barcelona, Manchester, Milan and Budapest due to (or despite) the cultural differences? - What controversies have each city faced? This webinar is hosted by Remix. Join our brilliant panelists for this timely conversation.

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About the Author(s)

Peter Biczok

Transport Planner and Technical Lead, Remix

Peter Biczok is a transport planner and technical lead for Remix, and works closely with Remix’s European customer base. Remix is the first collaborative platform for transportation decision making and is used by 340+ cities worldwide. After finishing his Transport planning degree at UCL’s Bartlett School he spent further years researching the Dutch mobility system at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. He worked with traffic analysis AI developer Fileradar and active mobility consultancy Mobycon in the Netherlands before joining Remix. He is also co-founder of Biciklizing.hu and the City and Mobilities Institute in Budapest.

John Dales

Co-founder and Director, Urban Movement

John Dales is a traffic engineer, transport planner and urban designer with over 30 years’ professional experience spanning strategic transport planning to concept design. Well known as a champion of better town and city streets, he was Director at Urban Initiatives before founding Urban Movement in 2011. John is an urban realm design advisor to several UK local authorities, a new member of the Cambridgeshire Quality Panel, and one of the London Mayor’s Design Advocates.

Chiara Bresciani

Project Lead, Mobility and Transport Department, City of Milan, Italy

Chiari Bresciani is an expert in mobility planning and programming for the Department of Mobility and Transport of the Municipality of Milan. She is also an established researcher and consultant with a long history of experience in sustainable development, traffic planning, road safety, and academic lecturing. She is often a speaker at international mobility conferences and has co-authored 36 publications.

Michael Pellot

Director of Corporate Reputation Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), Spain and Vice-President of UITP Transport & Urban Life Committee

Michael Pellot is the Director of Corporate Reputation with Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), an organization he has been with for nearly 19 years. At Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona, Michael has also served as the Director of IT Software Developing, Manager of Metro Line 1, Director of Research and International Affairs, and Director of Innovation. The wide breadth of experience with TMB provides him with the unique perspective of understanding both the organization’s operational and planning goals.