Tune in to this new features overview hosted by our veteran Customer Success Manager, Tamara Lima, to discover the most impactful features we released for Remix Transit over the past six months. We’ll discuss project organization, ridership data, Jane improvements, keyboard shortcuts, and everything in between! If you’ve been super busy and missed these feature announcements, this is the perfect chance for you to catch up on the latest and greatest.

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About the Author(s)

Tamara Lima

Director of Customer Insights

Tamara Lima is a transportation planner and engineer, with a focus on project management. At Remix, Tamara provides full support to customers and one-on-one customization to ensure an exciting and successful on-boarding with Remix. She ensures all users understand the basics in Remix and, through project-assisted training, Tamara works with agencies to complete transit work in the platform. Her expertise is in training, transit planning, and working with agencies to implement their transit planning concepts.