Transportation equity takes many forms. But underneath all of these initiatives runs the conviction that safe, accessible, affordable, and environmentally sustainable transportation options are meant for all people, not merely for a favored few. In this webinar, we’ll have a panel of transportation practitioners, policy advocates, and Remix technologists who will speak to their unique transportation equity projects and the impacts they’re seeing on the ground. From teaching their agency the value of Title VI, to ensuring public outreach materials are published in the languages of local communities, to building technology that supports planners focused on equity, we’re pleased to welcome our panelists: - Janíce Soriano Ramos - Senior Planner with Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) - Lourdes Alvarez - Transit Planner with Foothill Transit - Jamario Jackson - Senior Community Planner with TransForm - Rachel Zack - Director of Policy with Remix Join the conversation as we dig into the practical application of this critical topic.

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About the Author(s)

Janice Soriano-Ramos

Senior Planner, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)

Janice Soriano-Ramos is a Senior Planner with Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA). VTA is a special district responsible for providing multimodal transportation solutions throughout Santa Clara County in California, serving both as the county's transit agency and the county's congestion management agency. Janice has been with VTA for 2 years. Prior to serving the San Jose region, Janice worked as the TDM, Fleet and Communications Manager at Stanford Health Care and at Kimley-Horn as a Transportation Analyst. Janice holds an M.S. in Urban & Regional Planning at UW-Madison and a B.S. in Civil Engineering at Purdue University.

Lourdes Álvarez

Transit Planner at Foothill Transit's Planning Department

Lourdes Álvarez is a transit planner for Foothill Transit's Planning Department. She works alongside other service planners on improving key routes in the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys.

Jamario Jackson

Senior Community Planner at TransForm

Jamario Jackson is a Senior Community Planner at TransForm, which is a non-profit in Northern California shaping transportation related decisions by advocating for community needs. Jamario leads TransForm’s East Oakland mobility justice partnerships. Prior to joining TransForm, Jamario worked for a member of the California State Assembly, a public transit agency, and a member of the United States Senate. In part, his time in the public sector has shaped his lens concerning how political and legislative landscapes impact a variety of issues from transportation to constituent services. Jamario is a member to The Northern California Chapter of The Conference of Minority Transportation Officials and a BART Title VI and Environmental Justice Advisory Committee member. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Urban Affairs.

Rebekah Watkins

Data Visualization Analyst at Remix

Rebekah Watkins is a GIS analyst focusing on providing decision-making data necessary for people to improve their communities. At Remix, Rebekah works with agencies from around the world and uses her experience and expertise to help clients visualize and gain new insights. Before her time at Remix, Rebekah worked at Apple where she analyzed, validated, enhanced, and assembled new content for consumer applications. She also has experience with the Community Research Institute at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy where she provided local non-profits with personalized data, reports and maps. Rebekah holds a graduate certificate in Digital Mapping from the University of Kentucky, and she earned her bachelor's degree in Geography, with a certificate in G.I.S., from Grand Valley State University.

Rachel Zack

Director of Policy at Remix

Rachel Zack is the Director of Policy at Remix. Her passion for empowering planners with access to insights for better decision-making stem from her many years of advising on cutting edge transportation problems, such as TNC regulation (Uber and Lyft), road usage pricing, congestion pricing, express lanes, and planning for autonomous vehicles. Before joining Remix, Rachel launched the Innovative Mobility arm of WSP where she led alternative transportation programs around the Bay Area and advised city and state agencies on strategic planning for new mobility. Her work in the field received the Caltrans Excellence in Transportation Award in WTS Innovative Transportation Solutions Award.