Hear the stories of how agencies used data to identify accessibility gaps, market the value of transit, and reduce operational costs. This webinar is co-hosted with South West Transit Association.

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About the Author(s)

Isaac Shapiro

Customer Success Manager

Isaac Shapiro is a Customer Success Manager at Remix. He works with transit agencies across the country, from the Northeast to Oregon. At Remix, Isaac works to train, support, and challenge users to improve their transit systems. Prior to working at Remix, Isaac was a transportation and planning consultant, federal health care policy analyst, summer camp counselor, and intramural softball captain. He also collects transit system maps from all the places he visits (and is very open to trading if the offer is right).

Rebekah Watkins

Data Visualization Analyst at Remix

Rebekah Watkins is a GIS analyst focusing on providing decision-making data necessary for people to improve their communities. At Remix, Rebekah works with agencies from around the world and uses her experience and expertise to help clients visualize and gain new insights. Before her time at Remix, Rebekah worked at Apple where she analyzed, validated, enhanced, and assembled new content for consumer applications. She also has experience with the Community Research Institute at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy where she provided local non-profits with personalized data, reports and maps. Rebekah holds a graduate certificate in Digital Mapping from the University of Kentucky, and she earned her bachelor's degree in Geography, with a certificate in G.I.S., from Grand Valley State University.

Rich Sampson

Executive Director at South West Transit Association

Rich joined SWTA as an executive director in 2019. Prior to this, he spent 17 years at CTAA, helping communities gain access to better transportation.