What’s coming next in public transit and transportation? In this webinar, get a glimpse into what lies ahead.

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About the Author(s)

Paul Supawanich

Head of Mobility Policy

Paul Supawanich is the Head of Mobility Policy at Remix. With over a decade of experience in transportation planing and policy, Paul ensures Remix is at the forefront of the industry and best practices are developed within our products and shared with our customer community. ​​ ​​Formerly, Paul worked as a transportation consultant and in the public sector with a focus on transit and complete streets projects around the US. His research and work has been featured in publications such as Next City, the Los Angeles Times, Citylab, and the Washington Post. Paul holds his bachelors in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech and masters in City Planning and Transportation Engineering from UC Berkeley.

Scott Bogren

Executive Director, CTAA

Community Transportation Association of America Executive Director Scott Bogren has been working with, writing about, and covering the community and public transportation industry for nearly three decades. His experience with CTAA includes being Editor-in-Chief of Community Transportation magazine; crafting the Association’s various legislative, policy and regulatory positions on Capitol Hill; and shaping CTAA’s communications, training and leadership activities.