Transit Scheduling

Simple, powerful transit scheduling

Transit tools should enable your agency, not pose a barrier to impactful work. With Remix, put your energy into scheduling, not just your scheduling software.

Try more bid options

Never settle for an option because you don’t have time to find a better one. Remix lets you iterate fast so you can easily adapt to upstream changes.
Lynchburg, VA
GLTC eliminated 100% of their split shifts, even when faced with last-minute changes to Liberty University tripper service.

Learn fast

Why spend months or years learning how to use your scheduling software? With a visual and intuitive approach, you can unlock the power of Remix out of the box.
Denton, TX
DCTA eliminated 7 runs from their schedule during their 2-day Remix training. The team expects to even further improve their schedule efficiency in upcoming bids.

Show the impact

Scheduling is all about difficult tradeoffs. Show how your decisions affect others and get alignment on the decisions you make.
Asheville, NC
For the first time ever, ART got buy-in from their union before their bid was over, resulting in their highest driver retention to date.

Join a community of transit leaders

When you invest in Remix, you’re joining a community of more than 300 agencies transforming the future of public transit.
  • Hands-on trainings
  • Regional workshops
  • Dedicated technical support

Curious about using Remix at your agency?

Agencies of all sizes use Remix to create their transit networks. Find out what Remix Transit Scheduling can do for your organization.
No installation

Remix is entirely cloud-based and requires only a computer and an internet connection.

Unlimited seats

An annual license covers everyone at your agency.

Continuous improvements

New releases are automatically made available to you at no additional cost.

Unlimited support

We believe in agencies’ projects so much that we call it customer success.