Transit stop datatransit data

Combine and analyze datasets to uncover multimodal insights

Quickly evaluate new proposals with purpose-built statistics from dozens of relevant data sets - no manual calculations required! Ask questions, gut-check with detailed census breakdown tables, and better understand the communities nearby that might benefit.


As transit enters a phased recovery period, identify areas for potential priority lanes by combining speeds data for major corridors and transit boarding ridership for peak periods.

Curate the map to explore ideas or tell a compelling story

Estimate the scale of the solution and explore multiple concepts with instant demographic calculations before planning more detailed scenarios. Integrate equity as a first step in your workflow, instead of an afterthought.


Investigate microtransit / on-demand solutions for communities where essential workers have limited access to transit and low rates of car ownership. Filter and layer out-of-the-box data onto your map.

essential employee neighborhood mapEssential employees per sq. mileadding additional microtransit service comment
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Share maps to gather feedback, build consensus, and move into action

Curate beautiful data visualizations that communicate the logic behind your plans to bring internal and external stakeholders along the journey. Get feedback with commenting and collaboration across your projects.


Share data projects with colleagues to discuss ideas and provide compelling, digestible evidence for everything from proposed infrastructure to public outreach.

Planning for Equity in Evansville, Indiana

In the United States, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are tasked with ensuring equitable transportation options for their populations according to Title VI, which protects people from discrimination based on race, color, and national origin. They are required to report regularly on the demographic profile of their region, show the impact of federally funded transportation projects on different communities, and consider the mobility needs of minority populations within the planning process.

Every year, MPOs across the country spend days making maps and updating statistics for their Title VI plans. This year, Matt Schriefer, a planner at Evansville MPO in Indiana, used Remix Explore to pull the new census demographic data that he needed.


Explore gives us a quick glimpse of relevant data. It's easy to look at Explore and get the information needed. And that saves us time. It took us two to three days of making maps for our Title VI report. With Explore, it's an hour of clicking around and exporting maps and putting them into our report.

Matt Schriefer

planner, Evansville MPO

Democratizing Access to Data with Västtrafik in Gothenburg, Sweden

Västtrafik is the large public transportation agency serving Västra Götaland county in Sweden. From planning, GIS, engineering, and marketing, staff across multiple departments use transportation and demographic data to inform hundreds of decisions every day. When Jasse Tykkyläinen, a data analyst on the Business Intelligence team, joined the beta program for Remix Explore, he recognized the opportunity to democratize access to critical data and avoid bottlenecks. Västtrafik recently rolled out access to Explore for over 200 people throughout the organization, empowering end users to quickly develop insights and ideas.


Explore is a game-changer for us. It allows teams across our organization to self-serve with transportation data and insights at their fingertips in an easy-to-use interface.

Jasse Tykkyläinen

Data analyst, vÄsttrafik

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