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Build consensus faster with built-in collaboration and intuitive visuals

Quickly test out new ideas, evaluate impacts, and iterate. Remix's public transportation planning software makes it easy to see the trade-offs of how proposed changes impact your network.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland reduced planning time by 92% during their Hibiscus Coast network redesign. In the past, the scenario planning process took 252 hours; with Remix, it takes only 20.

Analyze data in real-time to support final decisions

Understand who has access to transit, from where, to where, and how often. With demographic, operational, ridership, and origin-destination data at your fingertips, make informed decisions and plan the network that matches your community’s demands.


“When planning, we're always trying to figure out commuter patterns. Remix provides that information in a very simple and visual way."

— Elizabeth Collins, Senior Transportation Planner

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Build consensus faster with intuitive visuals

Transit plans are more than just lines on a map. Getting buy-in is often half the battle— and sometimes more than that! Our public transportation planning software lets you easily communicate complex concepts to stakeholders, your board, and the public, so you can help them see the light.


King County saved over a year of planning for their long-range plan, Metro Connects. Coordinating across 39 municipalities, the region used Remix to build consensus on a growth strategy, increasing service hours from 3.5 to 6 million by 2040.

Turn your conceptual ideas into detailed plans

Because planning is just the beginning, Remix helps you more quickly take ideas into execution. Build and edit your route patterns, trips, and timing to create an accurate GTFS for downstream consumption by trip planning tools, as well as your operations and scheduling team.

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Make maps to communicate your service clearly

Once you’ve got that detour laid out or have a detailed plan for that route change, you can very quickly create a professional-looking map that clearly communicates the change visually to share through whatever channels you communicate with riders.

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This is just the beginning of how Remix's public transportation planning software can help. See more features and functionality specific to your needs by exploring and combining different solutions below.

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Transform your transit plans into bus and driver schedules

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Transit & Streets

See how Transit & Streets work together

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Get ideas off the ground quickly

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Remix is entirely cloud-based and requires only a computer and an internet connection.

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