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Diversity in the leadership of our cities strengthens inclusivity. Through our event series, we provide space to highlight the non-dominant voices in urbanism.

This initiative began as an idea from a group of urbanists at Remix where stories of women could be broadly shared. While this space was created by women, it's inclusive of all identities and reflects the communities of which we're all a part. Please continue to bring your diverse voices by attending and sharing your perspectives.


The Gender Tax in Transportation

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
6pm PST @ Remix HQ
1128 Howard Street, San Francisco

The stats are staggering. Whether it's shuttling children to childcare via transit or paying for a late night Uber/Lyft "just in case", NYU Wagner researchers found that women pay up to $1200 more than men a year on transportation costs. Overall, women pay 7% more than men on general goods and services. We're hosting a conversation around the Gender Tax in Transportation, where we’ll try to unpack the burden women face in transportation costs.

Looking beyond the recent studies on gender, who else faces disproportionate costs for security, goods and services? How can we help set the stage for a more equitable environment for all people, especially those that are traditionally targeted in cities?

We’ll discuss these questions and explore additional concepts with leaders across the industry, in both the public and private sectors.

Featured Speakers

Vice President
Planning Director
New Mobility Policy Director
Director of Growth
Remix (Moderator)
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Ideas into Action: How City Projects Become Real

Cities are constantly changing — in the built environment, infrastructure, and how we get around. Change comes from action.

Who are the women behind the changes you’ve seen in the Bay Area?

How have they implemented programs, projects, and policies to alter the way we each experience living and moving throughout our region?

In this series of lightning talks, it’s not just about the big ideas and the intentions, but about the actions, the work, and the outcomes of how these women got sh*t done.

October 22, 2018
@ Remix HQ
Featured Speakers
Danielle Harris
Emerging Mobility, Innovation Strategist
SFMTA, Office of Innovation
Annie Fryman
Policy Aide, Senator Scott Weiner
California State Senate
Kim Le
Transportation Planner
Sonja Trauss
Executive Director
California Renters Legal Advocacy and Education Fund
Tilly Chang
Executive Director
San Francisco County Transportation Authority
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Designing Inclusive Spaces: Urban, Digital, and Workplace

Space is powerful. Everyone experiences spaces -- urban, digital, and professional -- in different ways, and thoughtful design (or lack thereof) exerts a tremendous influence.

How can we rethink spaces to be more inclusive of everyone’s needs, particularly those that have been historically overlooked? What changes are already taking place to represent those needs in the design process, and what happens when non-dominant voices become decision-makers?

Three leaders working across urban, digital, and workplace landscapes will attempt to answer these questions while sharing successes, obstacles, and failures in creating inclusive environments.

This forum is intended to be open and honest, with the hope of building a community to strengthen our cities. Come with your questions -- we’ll have ample time for Q&A.

April 19, 2018
@ Remix HQ
Featured Speakers
Anna Muessig
Urban Planner
Gehl Studio
JessicaKate "JK" Ogungbadero
Product Lead for Community Growth
Lucia Guillory
Head of People
Sarah Bindman
Software Engineer
Remix (Moderator)
Past Event /

Translating Technical Skills into Social Change

Inside mission-driven organizations, these leaders are using their technical skills to tackle society's most pressing issues.

Their projects include: propelling government to provide services that are simple, effective and easy to use; creating collaborative tools to shape how we see the world; promoting diversity to build a sense of community where everyone feels they belong.

Read more about the event's highlights here.

September 21, 2017
Online Event
Featured Speakers
Alyssa Wright
Board President
Tracy Chou
Software Engineer
Project Include, The Arena, Pinterest
Erie Meyer
Senior Director
Code for America, United States Digital Service
Claudia Preciado
Senior Manager
Remix (Moderator)
Past Event /

Is an Affordable City Achievable?

Everyone wants to live in San Francisco but increasingly few can afford it. So how does the City by the Bay—where you need to earn an estimated $110,000 a year to live comfortably and the average cost of a home is $940,000—make room so everyone can thrive? How do land use policies affect San Francisco’s affordability?

Hear from leaders working to make San Francisco a more affordable city.

Read more about the event's highlights here.

June 28, 2017
@ Remix HQ
Featured Speakers
Katy Tang
Supervisor, District 4
San Francisco Board of Supervisors
Kearstin Dischinger
Housing Policy Manager
San Francisco Planning Department
Anita Roth
Head of Policy Research
Chrissy Mancini Nichols
Transportation Policy Manager
Remix (Moderator)
Past Event /

Upward Mobility

At the intersection of advocacy, technology, and government, how are women in leadership roles creating social impact? The theme for our inaugural event is Upward Mobility, approached in 2 ways: 1) moving upward in terms of economic and social opportunity, and 2) upward mobility in terms of one’s own career journey.

What inspired you to work in the field of urbanism? What failures have you experienced and how have you overcome them (or not)?

Read more about the event's highlights here.

April 26, 2017
@ Remix HQ
Featured Speakers
Allison Arieff
Editorial Director
Cathleen Sullivan
Principal Transportation Planner
Alameda County Transportation Commission
Kim-Mai Cutler
Operating Partner, Technology Reporter
Initialized Capital
Tiffany Chu
Remix (Moderator)