Remix Streets

Envision, plan, and design your streets

Streets are public spaces and should be designed to prioritize people and safety. Analyze existing conditions, sketch new scenarios, and evaluate it all in one place.

Sketch ideas quickly

Implementing a new Complete Streets policy? Pedestrianizing a narrow corridor? Moving a few parking spots? In a few seconds, redesign segments of your street network in both cross-section and plan view. 
Purpose-built for streets
- Complete Streets projects
- Traffic calming programs
- Vision Zero initiatives
- Corridor studies
- Road diets
- Tactical urbanism projects
- Grant proposals
- Alternatives analysis
- Development review

See data in one place

Understand and respond to the needs of your residents with accurate existing conditions. We're partnering with NACTO's SharedStreets initiative to make new kinds of city data more accessible and portable.
Examples of data
- Collisions
- Multi-modal turn counts
- Curb inventory
- Street centerlines
- Lane geometries
- Right of way
- Real-time movements

Evaluate scenarios, communicate all possibilities

Create a complete and accurate plan earlier in the planning process so you can share your vision. Show what's possible early and often, before diving into engineering details.
Work together
- Public outreach
- Stakeholder workshops
- Conceptual design charrettes
- City council presentations
- Cross-disciplinary meetings

Join the Early Customer Program

Get early access to Remix Streets alongside a select cohort of municipalities shaping the future of street design.
  • Early, unlimited access for your city
  • Opportunity to co-create, influence the product
  • Join the Complete Streets Council

Curious about using Remix in your city?

Cities, counties, and agencies of all sizes use Remix to plan. Explore how Remix Streets could work at your organization.
No installation

Remix is entirely cloud-based and requires only a computer and an internet connection.

Unlimited seats

An annual license covers everyone at your agency.

Continuous improvements

New releases are automatically made available to you at no additional cost.

Unlimited support

We believe in agencies’ projects so much that we call it customer success.