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Plan and test complex scenarios in seconds.

Remix helps you plan great transit. Design routes in any city and immediately understand the cost and demographic impact of a proposed change. Automatically pull in your region's existing transit networks to quickly evaluate different alternatives. When you're done, export to Excel, shapefile, KML, or GTFS. Everything runs in your browser, and integrates with the tools you already have.

Make your decisions understandable.

Transit trade-offs are often invisible and hard to explain. Remix empowers your planning team to visualize ideas in a way that anyone can understand and support. See who is affected by a change and ensure service equity by overlaying demographic data. Show how far riders can travel on your network using isochrones. Engage your community with our built-in public feedback platform.

Our customers love us.

"Imagine being able to visually demonstrate how the change of bus routes would affect population coverage and at the same time show the financial cost – all at the click of a mouse. With Remix, people see trade-offs between planning decisions in seconds, in a way that is easy to understand."
–Anthony Cross, Public Transport Network Manager, Auckland Transport
“Remix is the first tool where we can really play with our ideas and see the outcomes instantly. We just move a lot faster. We have better ideas because we can think more or less continuously.”  
–Jarrett Walker, Human Transit
“Remix is a simple, quick, and intuitive tool for planning service scenarios. By avoiding tedious geocoding and calculations, Remix helps us focus our attention on what matters to transit riders: improving service.” –Peter Stackpole, Principal Planner at Pierce Transit
“With Remix, it’s so much easier than any tool we’ve ever used. We want everything to come back to Remix so we have it in place for future modifications.” –Todd Hollenbeck, Director of Mesa County's Regional Transportation Organization
“Remix has been extremely useful in developing our 5-year capital plans, 5-year service budgets, and evaluating alternatives in the long range plan.”
–Art Herrera, Senior Planner at VIA Metropolitan Transit

Made by a team of transit believers.

Remix was started at Code for America, a non-profit focused on empowering local governments. As founders, we have a deep belief that public transit matters more today than it ever has. We're committed to building the core technology that powers great transit.

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