How today’s cities design their transportation future

Envision ideas, collaborate, and implement plans with a platform for the modern, multimodal city.

TRANSIT Planning

Immediately understand how changes impact your transit network.

TRANSIT Scheduling

Rapidly build transit schedules to implement your plan.


Envision, plan, and design your streets for people, with data.

Used by leading municipalities worldwide

More than 300 cities across 13 countries use Remix to plan.
I can change transit variables with transparency in Remix, and I see the trust growing in the public’s eyes.
Gamaliel Anguiano
SLO Transit (San Luis Obispo, CA)
What's great is that more than just planners use Remix at our agency. Anyone here can use Remix to work on concepts, which allows us to get as creative as we want.
Claire Johnson-Winegar
Gold Coast Transit (Ventura, CA)
There is nothing else like Remix in the marketplace. It’s so many tools in one resourceful package, useful and intuitive for experts and newbies alike.
Jon Nouchi
HART (Honolulu, HI)
Remix makes the manual process of planning transit automatic. Remix helps me visualize options and test out different solutions on the fly.
Mark Kirstner
PART (Greensboro, NC)
Remix is the first tool where we can play with our ideas and see the outcomes instantly. We just move a lot faster. We have better ideas because we can think continuously.
Jarrett Walker
Human Transit

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