COVID and the Cycling Revolution

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About this webinar

About this event

More than €1 billion has been spent on cycling-related infrastructure and over 2,300 kilometers of bike lanes have been built since the beginning of the pandemic. Many are calling this the cycling revolution, a silver lining to an otherwise challenging year.

But how do we make sure this shift is a lasting and growing trend even after life resumes back to normal?

Hear from experts who have been advocating for active transportation long before the pandemic started. They’ll share their pandemic experience from Rome and Paris, and discuss what we can do to continue advocating for active transportation even as we confront an uncertain future.

What to expect

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Stories from Rome and Paris

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Lessons in accelerating cycling infrastructure expansion during the pandemic

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Takeaways to carry into a non-pandemic world


Francesco Iacorossi

Project Manager, Roma Servizi per la Mobilità

Devoted cyclist and former rugby player, Francesco has been working with Roma Servizi la Mobilità on major EU funded, active transportation projects for over 10 years. He has also served as the communications lead for projects across the EU, such as HandShak, P.A.S.T.A, ECC, Bike Challenge, and SUMP Roma. Francesco is also the author of “When in Rome Go Sustainable” an educational guide featuring the Italian Rugby & Tennis Federations, FIAB and Healthy Stadia on how to access Stadio Olimpico in Rome through public transport, cycling, and walking. Francesco is currently a member of the Osservatorio Bikeconomy's scientific committee and ITF Safer City Streets Strategic Advisory Group and was recently elected BYCS Bicycle Mayor of Rome.

Stein van Oosteren

Spokesperson, Collectif Velo Ile-de-France

Stein van Oosteren is the spokesperson of Collectif Velo Ile-de-France, a federation representing 39 cycling advocacy groups in the Paris region. Beside working with NGO’s and municipalities to create a more dynamic and healthier urban realm, Stein is also part of the official Dutch administration in France and represents the Kingdom at the UNESCO. As a Dutch-French dual citizen he is a real-life manifestation of exporting Dutch cycling culture, which, due in large part of his effort, is now reflected in the efforts of the Parisian cycling revolution.

Peter Biczok

Transport Planner and Technical Lead, Remix

Peter Biczok is a transport planner and technical lead for Remix, and works closely with Remix’s European customer base. Remix is the first collaborative platform for transportation decision making and is used by 340+ cities worldwide. After finishing his Transport planning degree at UCL’s Bartlett School he spent further years researching the Dutch mobility system at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. He worked with traffic analysis AI developer Fileradar and active mobility consultancy Mobycon in the Netherlands before joining Remix. He is also co-founder of Biciklizing.hu and the City and Mobilities Institute in Budapest.