About this webinar

About this event

The “Régime Général des Transports Routiers” (RGTR) serves the country of Luxembourg and is undergoing a major service redesign to improve connectivity, efficiency, and legibility of its bus service in order to keep up with increasing demands for mobility. This is RGTR’s largest redesign in recent history and included difficult tradeoffs and investment decisions.

Join us to learn about RGTR’s decision criteria in anticipation of the new service launch in May 2020.

What to expect

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Live interview with mobility planner Yan Steil

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Discussion of Luxembourg’s country-wide network redesign

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Overview of the newest Remix features


Keita Hill

Senior Project Manager

Keita Hill leads client service in Europe for Remix, based in Amsterdam. He helps public sector organizations succeed by building capabilities to use data and technology. An ex-McKinsey and Stantec consultant, Keita joined Remix in 2016. He holds a BSc in civil engineering from the University of Alberta.

Yan Steil

Mobility Planner at RGTR, Luxembourg

Yan is a mobility planner at the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works in Luxembourg. After working on the national and transborder mobility survey, he went on to lead the project of redesigning the entirety of the regional bus service in Luxembourg. Yan holds a degree in Geography from the University of Bonn.