How Remix Keeps Mobility Data Secure


Mobility provider data enters Remix's secure data warehouse and is aggregated before being visualized in the platform.

Cities trust Remix to help them manage public space, create a safe and equitable transportation system, and enforce rules for private companies operating services on public streets. Anonymized mobility data is an essential tool that lets cities understand and manage emerging modes and services.

Remix works closely with cities to protect this mobility data and individual privacy:

  • We employ modern information security practices, including data segregation, role-based access control, full data encryption both at rest and in transit, and logging / auditing of data access. Read more details at
  • We work only with anonymized mobility data that does not contain individual rider information, and use data structures and APIs that do not store or transmit names, addresses, or other individual identifiers.
  • We only display maps, reports, and analyses that contain data sufficiently aggregated to prevent individuals from being re-identified.
  • We believe that even anonymized data about individual trips is sensitive, so we store and handle it in isolated systems and with policies designed to maximize security.
  • We do not resell or share any trip data nor do we attempt to re-identify individuals in any anonymized datasets.

At Remix, it is our responsibility to minimize risk while ensuring that cities have the tools and accurate information to make informed decisions and deliver the transportation system their constituents need.

The terms and conditions that govern our work with cities require us to keep this kind of data safe and confidential. You can read our standard terms and conditions here.