We stand with you: a message to the Remix community about COVID-19

Tiffany Chu

CEO & Co-founder, Remix

Dear Remix customers, 

We’re deeply saddened by the continued news of loss, hardship, and distress stemming from COVID-19. We stand with you as you navigate this crisis for the health and safety of your cities.

Please let us know how we can be helpful to your current efforts. Here are three ways we can assist immediately: 

1. Contingency planning backed by data: We know some of you have started planning for potential service changes in Remix due to the outbreak, and that more detailed demographic and transportation data would be valuable to assess the effects on communities. We’re currently developing a new product that lets you quickly access and visualize all your data to gather context, estimate impacts, and make decisions. While it’s not yet publicly available, if you think this would be useful to you, email your Customer Success Manager and we can enable access for you.

2. Quickly communicate crucial information to the public: You also may be considering how to get critical notices about changes out to your community in the fastest way possible. We built a tool to export high-quality, presentation-ready visuals from Remix for printed or digital materials to help with public outreach. You can access it here.

3. Collaborate with your team if you’re working from home: Many of you may be working remotely to stay safe and healthy. Remix was built for digital collaboration with export capabilities, project sharing, and annotations to communicate with colleagues. Learn how to use these features in our monthly release notes (note: you must be logged into Remix to read the article).

Our team is here to help however we can. For questions and support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly, or your Customer Success Manager, if there is anything we can assist you with. We are honored to partner with you to build more livable cities in these difficult, uncertain times.

Thank you for your tireless commitment to serve the public. 


Tiffany Chu
CEO and co-founder