Celebrating Women's Equality Day with Remix


The Remix team donning red and purple to celebrate Women's Day in 2019.

At Remix, we strive for equality across all gender identities. That is why we regularly dedicate time to acknowledging gender gaps in the industry and discuss ways to create a more inclusive community. For Women's Equality Day 2020, we interviewed some of our amazing woman employees on what gender equality means to them, the women they draw inspiration from, what Remix is doing to propel women forward in the workplace, and opportunities for improvement.

Meet the Interviewees

remix interviewees

Shireen Brathwaite, Principal Product Manager

Shireen is a mission-driven product leader. Before coming to the world of transportation tech, she worked in healthcare and education tech. She enjoys working in transportation because it helps people by "expanding access to opportunity, improving safety, health, and wellness, and positively impacting the environment."

Caroline Ang Wright, Director of Marketing

A self-described "public transit nerd," Caroline views Remix's work as critical because "access to transit means access to employment, education, essential services like healthcare and groceries, and social activities."

remix interviewees

Cara Hunt, North America Transit Manager

Cara’s background is in mission-driven tech, and she once worked at an immigration law firm. She enjoys being able to use her past sales experience to increase Remix's ability to improve local communities.

Juliana Almeida, Software Engineer

Juliana is originally from Brazil and worked as an English teacher and translator before moving to the U.S. She's excited about working at  Remix, where she feels her work "can really improve people's lives at the end of the day."

1. Which Woman Inspires You?

Brene Brown, author of the book Dare to Lead. Brown is a former tech executive turned author and motivational speaker. She talks about how to give feedback with a mixture of compassion and care. - Shireen

My family, like my mother and my mother-in-law, as well as my aunts, grandmothers, and extended family. They are all women who were determined, resourceful, creative, and who exuded stability and comfort for those who depended on them despite their own fears and struggles. - Caroline

As a woman, it’s easy to settle for less or feel doubtful. I look to my sister and she reminds me what I deserve and what my worth is. - Cara

When I was younger it was mostly women in music: Siouxie Sioux, Debbie Harry, Poly Styrene, Alice Bag, Exene Cervenka. They thrived in the male-dominated genre of punk music and paved the way for generations. - Juliana

2. Why Is Workplace Equality Important?

People building products and services need to represent the customer base they're serving. That representation should occur across all levels of a company. - Shireen

When I see other women succeed, particularly at the highest levels of leadership, it is incredibly motivating and sends the message that this is a viable path for us to pursue. - Caroline

It’s important to not only have gender equality, but equality in general.  As a double minoritybeing Black and being a womanmy voice deserves to be heard equally. - Cara

When there’s no diversity, all ideas and plans come from only one perspective, which is usually a white male one. Not all tech users are white men, so a team lacking in diversity isn't able to successfully predict situations that are specific to non-white men. - Juliana

3. What Is Remix Doing Well with Workplace Equality?

This is the first time in my career I've had a female COO and CEO. It’s incredibly inspiring to be led by such strong, female leaders. - Shireen

We’re conscious at Remix that parental leave and flexibility should cover parents of all genders and that family responsibilities can be shared in a variety of ways. - Caroline

I’m very proud to work with a company that empowers women both internally and externally, creating safe spaces such as women-focused events and digital channels for us to talk about topics. - Cara

At Remix, the last four hired engineers were women, so props for that! Engineering is a crucial area in which diversity is needed. - Juliana

4. What Can Remix and Other Companies Do to Improve Gender Equality?

Companies should be open to feedback, revise their interview processes to remove bias, and promote women. - Shireen

I’d love to see the day when diverse family-building options, paid parental leave, paid sick leave, and more affordable dependent-care support are available to all American workers- and to all Americans, period! - Caroline

Employers should also look into benefits. There isn’t equality across benefits. Women and men have vastly different medical and health needs. - Cara

Only hiring underrepresented entry-level and junior employees won’t change the state of things much. Diversity in leadership and senior roles is how this game can actually change. - Juliana

Moving Forward

We hope you enjoyed reading some of the voices of the Remix women on gender inclusivity and workplace equality in recognition of Women's Equality Day. Let’s keep doing our part to empower female leaders across the industry — and in our communities today and beyond.