Pandemic Service Planning in Remix

Amanjeet Anne

Customer Success Manager

Stuart Polsky

GIS Analyst

New data layers and added data functionality help with emergency service planning.

Transit agencies across the globe are responding quickly to the emerging needs of the COVID-19 public health crisis. Over the last two weeks, we heard from our community that common challenges now include unexpected reductions in staffing, increased hygiene and safety standards, and an unprecedented sense of urgency around rolling out service changes and communicating them to riders. Our community is busier than ever and we want to make sure we are supporting them to the best of our ability.

Recently, we hosted a webinar to share important updates in the Remix platform that are designed to help with emergency planning. Here were the top five takeaways:

1. Making Quick Service Changes

Many of our customers are implementing service changes more quickly than they have in the past. The GIFs below provide a refresher of the two main functions used for service changes: drawing routes and customizing timetables.

remix platform screenshot
Remix’s mapping interface makes it easy to draw a new route or make changes on an existing route.

remix platform screenshot
Changes to the level of service can be made in either frequency windows or trip-based timetables.

2. Ensuring Provision of Essential Service

36% of transit riders are essential workers and continue to rely on service to reach their destinations. We added new data layers in Remix to address this need. These data layers include hospitals, nursing homes, senior centers, and other important locations for cities across the US. Agencies can reference these layers for quick insights, such as total number of hospital beds provided at a single location, or see overall summary statistics in the side panel.

remix platform screenshot
Newly added “tool-tips” provide key information for points of interest.

If you have data on other points of interests (e.g. public venues, grocery stores, testing centers, etc.) that are providing essential services in your community, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to upload that information in Remix.

3. Insights into Vulnerable Population Mobility Needs

Remix’s recent enhancements to data analytics include the ability to work with multiple data layers as well as the ability to filter the layer legend. These improvements enable agencies to answer important questions like, “What does access to hospitals or pharmacies look like for car-free communities?” or “Are we providing enough service for our essential workers?”

remix platform screenshot
Filtering down to the communities with the highest number of car-free households provides insights on where to prioritize service.

remix platform screenshot
Use Remix’s O/D layers alongside hospital data to understand where essential workers are coming from.

remix platform screenshot
In many communities, schools are providing free or reduced cost lunches.

remix platform screenshot
Some public venues serve as temporary shelter or testing sites.

4. Better Agency-Wide Collaboration

Agencies are making complex changes while many key decision-makers are remote. Online resources for collaboration are no longer a bonus - they’re a necessity. Text box annotations add clarity to Remix maps, saving precious time by keeping all decision-makers on the same page.

remix platform screenshot
Map annotations provide clarity during remote collaboration.

5. Direct Engagement with Your Community

Agencies must continue to engage with the public despite being remote. Remix’s public commenting capabilities allow you to share maps with community members, who can then view and add comments.

remix platform screenshot
Public-share maps are dynamic and include data layers as well as map annotations.

Commenters now have the option to provide a name and email address, which enables planners to reach out and start the conversation they would have had during an in-person meeting.

remix platform screenshot
Start conversations online with community members.

If you are using Remix to plan service addressing needs related to COVID-19, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager for additional tips. If you are less familiar with Remix but would like to learn more, please reach out here.