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Remix and Swiftly Partner to Bring Better Transit Data to Cities

We’re excited to announce a new partnership between Swiftly and Remix that will allow you to visualize Swiftly data that Swiftly analyzes inside Remix.

Courtney Sung

Head of Strategy and Business Development

Luxembourg's Biggest Network Redesign in Recent History

In a recent live webinar, we sat down with Yan Steil, Mobility Planner at the “Régime Général des Transports Routiers” (RGTR) in Luxembourg to discuss Luxembourg’s biggest public transit redesign in recent history.

Skagit Transit Uses Remix’s New Presentation Studio to Provide Clarity to Riders

Delivering information to passengers is a critical element of public outreach for transit agencies. Remix Transit makes this straightforward for agencies with our newest feature, Presentation Studio.


Introducing Jane 3.0, a More Accurate Jane

We are thrilled to announce a big update on how Jane navigates the physical environment: users can now customize Jane to use the pedestrian network.


Academics in Urban Planning Use Jane to Understand Regional Access

At Remix, there’s nothing we love more than seeing people use our software to help improve access through public transportation. That’s why we've been thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the University of Southern California.


Three Takeaways from “A Day in the Life of a Transit Planner: COVID-19 Edition”

On May 12th, Remix hosted a webinar to learn how transit agency leaders are responding to the challenge of COVID-19. Here are three takeaways from that discussion.


New Polling Data Reveals How Agencies Are Using Data to Inform Decision Making

How are agencies using data to identify accessibility gaps, market the value of transit, and reduce operational costs? We asked 27 transportation professionals from around the globe.

Isaac Shapiro

Customer Success Manager

Pandemic Service Planning in Remix

Transit agencies across the globe are responding quickly to the emerging needs of the COVID-19 public health crisis. Here are updates in the Remix platform that are designed to help with emergency planning.

Amanjeet Anne

Customer Success Manager

Stuart Polsky

GIS Analyst

Data Experiments at Remix: Estimating Passenger Load with Incomplete Data

The goal of running data experiments at Remix is to fill gaps in data owned by our city customers.

Santiago Toso

Data Scientist

Transit Agencies Must Sell Freedom

Being able to move when you want and go where you want is a core element of personal freedom, and people engage with transit planners when the transit system is described in the context of that personal freedom.

Stephen Hunt

Principal Planner at Valley Regional Transit in Boise, ID

Improvements to Jane: New Travel Limits & "Reverse Jane"

We are excited to announce several big updates to Jane, Remix's travel time isochrone that visualizes access and mobility across a transit network.


In His Own Words: Tom Schwetz, Lane Transit District

We sat down with Tom Schwetz, Director of Planning at Lane Transit District in Eugene, OR, to hear how Remix has changed the way he approaches transit planning.


In Her Own Words: Jeanne Krieg, Tri Delta Transit

We chatted with Jeanne Krieg, CEO of Tri Delta Transit, a small agency in the San Francisco Bay Area, to hear how she’s successfully scaling her agency despite these challenges.


In His Own Words: Chris Cochran, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority

We recently caught up with Chris Cochran, Senior Planner at Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority in St. Petersburg, FL, to hear how Remix has done this to modernize the agency’s approach to scenario planning.


In His Own Words: Steve Anderson, Palm Tran

We caught up with Steve Anderson, Senior Transit Planner at Palm Tran in West Palm Beach, FL, to hear how Remix has changed his approach to scenario planning, cost forecasting, and communication with non-planners.


How RPT Used the Universal Language to Move a Plan Forward

Based on comments during an outreach meeting, RPT staff started adjusting the Remix map live for a truly collaborative and productive engagement experience.


In His Own Words: Jerry Bryan, Miami-Dade Transit

We spoke with Jerry Bryan, Miami-Dade Transit’s Chief of Service Planning and Scheduling, to hear how transit planning has changed in the last 20 years — and how new technology is streamlining both short- and long-term planning in Miami.


VIA, GoCary, and AVTA Describe Their Day-to-Day

Here are a few examples of how three agencies are using Remix to keep the juggling act of day-to-day planning flowing smoothly.


3️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 🎉 Remix in 2018: Celebrating 300+ customers

In less than 4 years we've grown to almost 60 urbanists, technologists, and designers and are helping 300+ cities around the globe.


AC Transit Plans Its Biggest Service Increase Since the Recession

Remix helped AC Transit achieve their goals by creating an efficient workflow and avoiding going back to the drawing board with every tweak.


Visualizing Transit Ridership in Remix: Our Design Process

How we learned from transit planners to turn a broad problem space into an effective launch.

Chris Arvin

Product Designer

The Future of Cities Depends on Public Transit

The future of cities depends on the success of public transit, but city infrastructure is falling behind as transit agencies are underfunded and short-staffed.


How to See Other Cities’ Data on a Remix Map

How Remix uses GTFS feeds to display transportation systems in a map format.